Jockey Brett Callaghan

On the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Jockey Brett Callaghan website, you can find all sorts of information about my horse racing career as a professional jockey from November 1989 to July 1998.

  1. A list of all of my racing statistics from Barbados and Canada.
  2. View photos of thoroughbred horse racing jockey Brett Callaghan, winning races at various race tracks in Canada, and the island of Barbados.
  3. Some interesting videos and photos of accident ends and falls encountered during my racing career.

You can also view a sequence of horse racing photos of my 1st fall at the Garrison Savannah racetrack in Barbados during a horse race with many other jockeys and many other thrilling horse racing shots.

Since retiring in 1998, I’ve promoted my Caribbean island home of Barbados and my second home city of Toronto.